Lazarus Brewing Shines a Bright Light on East 6th

Welcome to the East Side, East 6th Street to be exact where staples such as Zilker Brewing Co and Cuvee Coffee (thank you for telling TABC where to stick it!) call home! And for those who dare to cross over the not so pleasing “Dirty Sixth” you’re in for a real treat from food trucks to bottle shops. Love it or hate it, Sixth Street is one of, if not the, most iconic stretch of road in Austin, TX and Lazarus Brewing Co is going to help improve its beer scene one beer at a time.


Lazarus Brewing Co


Lazarus Brewing and Free Beer?

To some, the name Christian Cryder may sound familiar. Self proclaimed Java Geek, the new brewery owner and local Pastor has added the beautiful site of Lazarus Brewing Co (LBC) to the booming East 6th Street. Not only a brewery but a coffeehouse, where the average java junkie can get their fix with roasts or beer connoisseurs can enjoy hops & malts while glued to their MacBook Pro’s or Untappd app.

LBC has no interest in selling beers outside of the brewery at this moment but does offer a sweet *Free Beer For Life incentive for those who have no budget for beer. This incentive, for a $1000 price-tag, will make you a Patron Saint of Lazarus Brewing where you’ll get a one-of-a-kind glass, plus Free Beer For Life!


Lazarus Brewing Co

*Free Beer For Life Patron Saint Glassware = $1000


I had the opportunity of visiting LBC recently before the New Year started, and a few times after. I was highly impressed with the layout and decor of this brewery. Plenty of seating, solid list of beers and wines to choose from as well as coffee, cappuccinos and lattes. Stocked with a kitchen, which I’ve always felt is must if you want to keep a hungry crowd of booze filled patrons from leaving. Good staff behind the bar with a great knowledge of their product and a visible 10-barrel system visible to the wandering eyes.


Lazarus Brewing Co

Merch available in both men and women apparel. Also visible is the Patron Saints glassware.

Lazaurs Brewing Co

Lazarus Brewing has an amazing floor plan that provides a great amount of space between the beer drinkers and coffee lovers. Owner/Founder Christian Cryder is enjoying some R&R


How Are the Beers?

Nice pour of the Achilles Heel Dry Stout on Nitro


My favorite beer of their current 8 taps (as of today) is the Achilles Heel Dry Stout. Usually not a fan of nitro brews but this was one hell of a beer to enjoy that I’ve had multiples of before enjoying an in-house flight. Loaded with notes and aroma of coffee and chocolate with a bready mouth-feel this brew has taken the crown of my favorite at LBC.

Other beers that stood out were the Nottingham English IPA (5.7% abv), the creamy First Noel French Saison (6.2% abv) and their double IPA dubbed the Double Predestination (8.2% abv) loaded with my favorite hop combo of Centennial, Simcoe and Citra.

They now have a new Irish Red Ale named Ulysses that’s dark, dank and ready for enjoyment.


From left to right, going down the menu: Amandus, Double Predestination, First Noel, Nottingham, Shackleton EPB, Achilles (Courtesy of Yelp)


Lazarus Brewing Co is located at 1902 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 and current soft open hours of operation are 7:30a-10:00p with the exception of being open til Midnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s. Smack in the middle of the commute between Zilker Brewing to Cuvee Coffee I highly recommend Lazarus to be a stop during your day of beer consumption. LBC will be having their official Grand Opening on Saturday January 14th, 2016.


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